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October 24th, 2022

Introducing Rasa Pro

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    Lauren Goerz

With over 25 million downloads, Rasa is the most used conversational AI framework on the market today. We are inspired by the growing impact Rasa has on the way brands use open and extensible conversational AI to revolutionize their interactions with their customers. As we look to the future of our partnership with some of the world's largest brands, we discovered a serious need for enterprise conversational AI capabilities that augment our Open Source conversational AI Framework.

During “Act One” of our company journey, we introduced Rasa X/Enterprise - A user interface that supported the build, maintenance, and improvement of AI Assistants using our Open Source Framework. This is a product line we will continue to develop and evolve, but we know that enterprise brands also need much more from us to deploy, maintain, orchestrate, and secure their AI Assistants.

So what does “Act Two” hold for Rasa? A new focus and a new vision culminating in a new product - the Rasa Platform. A world-class platform for teams to create transformational conversational customer experiences at Enterprise Scale.

Introducing the Rasa Platform

The Rasa Platform is made up of two product lines. Rasa Pro, our conversational AI infrastructure suite powered by Open Source, as well as Rasa X/Enterprise, our user interface. Together, these products form one platform for the automation of conversational customer experience.

You can use Rasa pro on its own, or combine our infrastructure suite with our user interface to unlock the whole platform.

Introducing Rasa Pro

Within the Rasa Platform, Rasa Pro is our newest product line. It is a commercial AI Infrastructure suite that is extensible, flexible, and enterprise-grade. It has been built and tested to effectively respond to enterprise needs for security, observability, and scalability. It forms the necessary foundation for enterprises looking for the infrastructural support they need to deploy AI Assistants at scale.
Let's take a look at some of the capabilities you can take advantage of when you choose Rasa Pro.

  • Secure against vulnerabilities

With daily security scanning, we ship regularly patched Docker images to make sure dependencies are always up to date and your environment is secure.

  • Deploy anywhere

Advanced deployment capabilities with Kubernetes deployment support through Helm. Additionally, if you want to always be running our latest software and not worry about deploying and managing the infrastructure take advantage of our Rasa-as-a-Service offering to run the Rasa Platform in the cloud.

  • Integrate custom customer experiences

Built-in Multi-Channel Connectors plus endpoints to connect with databases, APIs, voice IVRs, and other data sources. More seamless out-of-the-box integrations are in the pipeline as a result of close partnerships with many best-in-class vendors across a number of product categories.

  • Observe End-to-End

Resolve performance issues faster and identify bottlenecks through OpenTelemetry-based tracing. Analyze your user message journeys, custom components, and integrations to find the operation or action that took the longest to complete and caused user dissatisfaction.

  • Analyze your data your way

Visualize Rasa assistant metrics in the tooling (BI tools, data warehouses) of your choice with our Conversation Analytics Pipeline to track and identify areas for improvement. Deploy in your existing data lake to continue using your chosen data visualization software, but most importantly combine your conversation data with your other system data to gain even more powerful business insights.

Rasa Pro Analyse

Looking Forward

The Rasa Platform serves as the foundation for our continued innovation in Conversational AI. We will continue to advance and expand our two products, Rasa Pro and Rasa X/Enterprise, to ensure that we are able to help our customers create transformational conversational customer experiences quickly, easily, and better than ever before.

Get Started!

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