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Gather actionable insights to help your AI Assistant understand users better. Rasa Intent Insights analyzes your training data and suggests next steps you can take to improve how your AI Assistant responds to users.

Conversation Review

In order to understand your customer, reviewing real user conversations in context is essential. Our NLU inbox gives you a collaborative annotation tool for teams to help you filter and identify key conversations for review, and assess the accuracy of your AI Assistant.

Content Management

It takes a team to manage an AI Assistant’s response and training data at scale. With our content management tool you can update and curate your AI Assistant responses, and training data in a filterable interface the whole team can use.

Interactive Learning

Talk to your assistant to quickly try out new features. With each conversation, create new test cases or submit new examples to improve your training data.

Single Sign-On

Authenticate your users through your SSO system for maximum security and compliance.

Work Better Together

Sharable Testing Links

Get feedback fast and make sure the whole team can participate in the testing process

Role-based Access Control

Control who can develop and improve your AI assistant with fine-grained, customisable permissions

Additional collaboration tools that keep the whole team on the same page

Enterprise Ready Conversational AI

Rasa Studio provides a superior conversational experience, high-level security, and dependable performance.

Cutting-edge Conversational AI Research

  • Rasa Studio is integrated with CALM, our generative AI Native approach to conversational AI built by our pioneering research team
  • Surface advanced conversational AI concepts available in Rasa Pro in our no-code Studio
  • Access one of the most advanced and extensible conversational AI frameworks in a no-code UI

Platform to create a best-in-class solution

  • Everyone can contribute: Our no-code interface is the perfect companion to our pro-code development suite
  • No Black Boxes: Fully transparent conversational AI enables deep customization and explainability
  • High-performance architecture

Extensive customization

  • Deployment can be on-prem, private cloud, third party cloud provider, or we can manage it for you with Rasa-as-a-Service
  • Integrations to connect to existing systems.
  • Serve your assistant on multiple channels - website or app, Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and more

Built it, Review it, Improve it