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Introducing the Rasa Platform

November 29th, 2023

Announcing the General Availability of the Rasa Platform

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    Lauren Goerz

We’re proud to announce the general availability of the Rasa Platform - our LLM-native enterprise conversational AI platform. We’ve taken the pro-code extensibility in Rasa Pro that developers love, and augmented it with no-code accessibility in our new user interface, Rasa Studio.

At the core of these two conversational AI development styles is CALM, Conversational AI with Language Models. A hallucination-free approach for AI assistant building with language models, dramatically improving assistant fluency and significantly minimizing building complexity. All the while, our approach to conversational AI remains transparent and controllable resulting in a more seamless and personalized conversational experience that delivers higher satisfaction rates.


The Rasa Platform delivers an approach to building Conversational AI that is LLM-native and is still just as controllable and reliable as NLU-based systems. When we set out to establish a new approach to conversational AI with language models, our goal was to make conversational AI easier, smarter, and still fully controllable in an enterprise environment. With language models at the core of our dialogue engine, AI assistants built with CALM can outperform traditional NLU-only systems in several categories.

  • CALM assistants are easier to build than traditional AI assistants because common conversational patterns like topic changes, tangents, cancellations, and interruptions are handled out-of-the-box. It’s no longer necessary to develop complex logic to handle common natural language interactions. This means your pre-defined dialogue flows can be much simpler and shorter while still providing an improved service.
  • CALM assistants are smarter than traditional AI assistants. They can better understand your users in context, resiliently handle multiple requests simultaneously, and manage off-script interactions better than NLU-based systems.
  • CALM assistants may leverage LLMs to understand what users want, but the user journey is still fully controllable. You can be sure your business processes will be executed faithfully. CALM is “hallucination-free” because you never have to deliver generated responses to an end user if you don’t want to.

How to use the Rasa Platform

The Rasa Platform is composed of two parts: Rasa Pro and Rasa Studio. Rasa Studio is built on top of Rasa Pro, and both leverage CALM. This means your team can:

  1. Opt to stick with the pro-code and only work with Rasa Pro.
  2. Opt to use both Rasa Pro and Rasa Studio and additionally get access to our no-code user interface for building and optimizing alongside our pro-code framework.

Rasa Pro

Rasa Pro is a pro-code conversational AI solution that includes our conversational AI framework that defines and drives conversation and a set of developer tools to help teams get started quickly and scale faster. It includes CALM, the language model native edition of our dialogue engine.

  • Who is this for? Rasa Pro is ideal for developers, data scientists, ML engineers, test managers, and solution architects within conversational AI teams because it’s open (not a black box). One of the reasons teams love using Rasa is because they have full visibility into the code and are empowered and encouraged to customize and extend it for their use case. If you love the transparency in Rasa Open Source, be assured that it doesn’t change in Rasa Pro.
  • Read more about Rasa Pro in Behind the Release Notes: Rasa Pro 3.7

Rasa Studio

Rasa Studio is a no-code graphical user interface (UI) that enables business users to collaboratively build, review, and improve conversational user journeys. Since Rasa Studio is built on top of Rasa Pro, it’s deeply linked with our state-of-the-art generative AI native dialogue engine, CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models). This empowers enterprise teams using Rasa Studio to build superior conversational customer experiences without a single line of code.

  • Who is this for? Rasa Studio is purpose-made for business users, designers, subject matter experts, analysts, and annotation teams who want to collaborate on the build, improvement, and analysis of AI assistant performance at scale.
  • Read more about Rasa Studio in Behind the Release Notes: Rasa Studio 1.0

Platform Deployment:

The Rasa Platform can be self-hosted or deployed as a managed service.

Want to learn how the Rasa platform can help you redefine the way you interact with your customers and take your customers’ experiences to the next level? Talk with Sales.