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March 29th, 2024

Rasa Women Who Inspire Us

  • portrait of Lisa Hufnell

    Lisa Hufnell

Rasa is excited to celebrate Women’s History Month this March and honor the exceptional women shaping our company’s journey. Their contributions drive our progress and build a culture of excellence and inclusivity. Representing four nationalities, below are a few of our women leaders.

CEO Melissa Gordon leads Rasa with a spirit of innovation, challenging conventional norms. With her experience at Oracle and a background as a trailblazing pole vaulter in a sport dominated by men, Melissa embodies determination and a drive to push boundaries. She is passionate about celebrating women's accomplishments and elevating their voices. Her engagement with investors and appearances at prestigious forums like the Montgomery Summit highlight her crucial role in our story.

Linda Schuster, VP of Operations, is also on the executive leadership team. Linda stands out for her strategic initiatives, enhancing team collaboration and personal development. Her work revamping our L&D program, communication guidelines, and professional development plans demonstrates her commitment to nurturing the growth of every team member.

Lisa Hufnell, Head of Talent Acquisition, is steering our talent acquisition strategy. Lisa plays a pivotal role in Rasa's growth, ensuring we attract and nurture top talent as we expand by nearly 50% this year.

Mette Pedersen, Senior Director of Customer Success, nurtures client relationships and drives strategic initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction. She dedicates her time to conducting in-person client visits, facilitating workshops, and holding individual meetings to understand their progress, challenges, and goals.

Marlene Wolfgruber, Product Marketing Lead, has masterfully curated marketing and educational resources designed to meet the needs of Rasa’s diverse community. Her efforts in launching the Rasa Pro Developer Edition and the Rasa Learning Center have improved product literacy and sales enablement.

Rosana Ardila, Group Product Manager, works with the Rasa Pro Product Managers to make our LLM-based CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models) engine more efficient and compatible with traditional NLU-based assistants.

In conclusion, we honor every woman who contributes to our company and the broader industry. We’re committed to building environments where women’s achievements are celebrated and their voices are amplified, paving the way for a future where equality and empowerment are realities for all.