Banking has always been about trustful conversations

Supercharge your customer touchpoints with the most advanced conversational AI. Always available, integrated into your IT landscape and on prem.

Meet your 24/7 available personal banking assistant

Custom-built and trained for your specific use case cases, allowing your customers to...

Rasa is built to delight your customers and work in the IT landscape of a large bank

Let your customers reach you when they have time

Your customers are individuals with their own schedule. Allow them to manage their insurances any time they want with a 24/7 conversational assistant.

Handle complex conversations

Conversations between humans are rarely one question and one answer. Rasa's advanced dialogue management is based on machine learning and allows for smarter conversations.

Integrates into your workflow

Rasa seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, like your CRM.

Maximum data privacy and security

Deploy Rasa on-prem or on your private cloud and keep your customer's data secure.

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