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The Challenge

Customer experience is key to differentiating in today’s competitive banking market. Revolutionizing how the bank interacts with its customers and converting more interactions digitally was the strategic problem the bank wanted to solve.

The Solution

Creating a personal concierge and high-impact customer-facing virtual assistant facing 60 million banking customers processing over 40 million conversations a year and growing.

The Results

A virtual assistant is an enormous step in the digital transformation of its business, both in the company itself and in the way it serves its customers and responds flexibly to their rapidly changing needs and expectations.

Rasa helped this particular bank create and expand the capabilities of their virtual assistants, make advancements in natural-language understanding (NLU), and develop clear plans for scale and optimization.

Through a conversation, their customers could now use their virtual assistants to complete tasks in their account like replacing or locking their card, checking account balances or getting help with an investment rollover.

Eventually, AI-powered virtual assistants will be integrated into all areas of the bank to deliver value to customers.

Leading US Banking Customer

Industry: Banking & Financial Services

Location: United States

Employees: 250K+

Revenue: $125 billion

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