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The Challenge

ENGIE is an international electric utility company based in France. The company historically operates in energy distribution and now focuses on transition strategies toward renewable energies.

At ENGIE, the HR team supports the progress of each employee by providing career guidance, suggesting new opportunities, and ensuring fit between talents and job roles. The HR team was tasked with bringing more stakeholders into the career development process and brought on metriq to execute a technology-driven solution.

The Solution

With the high-level goal of transforming the HR department's core processes, ENGIE worked hand in hand with metriq to build a contextual assistant capable of providing relevant information to stakeholders inside and outside the HR team.

A key part of the process was unlocking the full value of the HR team’s existing data. Metriq designed digital workflows and automations to leverage this data and applied user-centric methodologies to allow stakeholders to consume the information in the most relevant way. They also worked with ENGIE’s IT and security teams to build a secure and reliable chatbot server on premise that satisfies GDPR.

Rasa brought two important elements to the integration: user permissions and the ability to connect with custom channels. Rasa allowed the development team to easily handle roles and manage data access in the context of each user. And, the open source technical framework provided the flexibility to embed the assistant within the Microsoft Teams environment.

The Results

Since launch, ENGIE’s contextual assistant has dramatically sped up the career evolution process. Previously, it took 6 months to recruit a candidate—now it takes 2.

Using conversational tools that interface with technologies already embedded in the organization, ENGIE was able to significantly enhance communication between HR and other stakeholders.

We discovered a new way to exploit data from our HR platform. Metriq facilitated and fluidified our processes using user-centric methodologies.

Vincent Gailhaguet, Talent Director at ENGIE

Industry: Energy

Location: Paris, France

Employees: 160,000

Revenue: $60.6bn

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