An automated, end-to-end insurance claims process with Rasa and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using Rasa X Enterprise Edition, Helvetia built an AI assistant to handle the claims process for their bicycle insurance in Facebook Messenger - saving money in the process

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The Challenge

Helvetia, a leading Swiss insurance company, has a record of superior customer experience. Providing this experience claims management involves a lot of manual work, resulting in high costs and long waiting times for customers.

Underlying business processes make claims management complex. Multi-turn conversations which are fully integrated into backend systems or work with RPA are necessary. For data privacy reasons, an on-premise hosting was required.

Helvetia was able to solve those challenges with Rasa. Helvetia introduced a conversational agent on Facebook Messenger that automates the claims management process for bike thefts, including authentication and payments through RPA.

Important development milestones:

  1. Data analysis from claims department
  2. Design of conversational flow including user authentication and anti-fraud systems
  3. Integration into CRM and payment systems using RPA
  4. User testing and training data generation with real customers

The Results

The automation brought Helvetia closer to a successful digital customer journey. The bot handles the majority of bicycle theft claims, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective process. After this successful implementation, Helvetia wants to integrate this throughout the company’s entire operations.

Rasa X Enterprise Edition allowed us to significantly reduce the engineering costs of our conversational AI projects. Being in control of our data and where Rasa is deployed is very important for us.

Florian Nägele, Project Manager at Helvetia
Florian Nägele, Project Manager at Helvetia

Industry: Insurance

Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Employees: 6,500

Revenue: $8.95 billion

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