Create contextual assistants that really help your users

Rasa Open Source is a framework for natural language understanding, dialogue management, and integrations. Rasa X is a free toolset used to improve contextual assistants built using Rasa Open Source. Together, they include all the features to create powerful text- and voice-based assistants and chatbots.

Get started

Extract meaning from messages

Turn free-form text in any language into structured data. Supports single and multiple intents and both pre-trained and custom entities. Fully customizable NLU for any domain.

Hold complex conversations

Retain important context and hold back-and-forth conversations using machine learning-based dialogue management. Smoothly handle topic changes and stay on track when users switch topics. Seamlessly integrate your business logic.

Interactive learning

Generate training data by talking to your assistant and provide feedback when it makes an error. Get visibility into model predictions so you know what to optimize. Bootstrap the conversation-driven development process by sharing your assistant with test users.

Connect to commonly-used messaging channels

Run your assistant on Slack, Facebook, Google Home, IVR, custom channels, and more. Serve multiple channels with a single assistant.

Integrate API calls

Use Rasa's custom actions to interact with APIs, databases, and other systems. Connect with knowledge bases, content management systems, and CRMs.

Build a superior data set

Annotate user messages and turn them into real-world training data. Quickly sift through conversations and uncover insights with a purpose-built toolset for reviewing and filtering conversations.

Version and manage models

Track and manage your models: promote to production or easily roll back. Integrate with automated testing and CI/CD.

Deploy anywhere

Ready-to-deploy Docker containers and orchestration to run Rasa on-prem, or via a preferred cloud provider.

Start creating your own contextual AI assistant!

Want to run Rasa in the enterprise?

We offer Rasa Enterprise for companies needing additional features and SLAs.