Great chatbots are still hard to create

We’re building the standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI so that all developers can create the best text- and voice-based AI assistants.

Half a million downloads since launch - developers across all industries love Rasa

Open Source & Free

No vendor lock-in. No “AI fairy dust” - see all ML components


Tune models and get higher accuracy on your data set. Build your own components

No State Machines

Learn from real conversations instead of adding more rules to your state machine

Trusted by leading companies around the world

Run on your favorite infrastructure

Deploy Rasa on-premises, or in the cloud

Own your training data

Get full control over training data and build up IP

Integrate into existing systems

Leverage backend systems, APIs and RPA to fully automate processes

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  • N26
  • Adobe
  • HCA
  • Orange

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