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Build assistants loved by customers, with the framework loved by conversational teams

Rasa provides flexible conversational AI for building text and voice-based assistants. Used by developers, conversational teams, and enterprises.

State-of-the-art NLU research

  • Industry leading, in-house machine learning research
  • Understand messages, classify intents, capture context
  • Support for multiple languages

Built on open source

  • 10+ million downloads since launch
  • Production-tested and transparent
  • First-class developer experience

Customizable infrastructure

  • Less time working around limitations, more time building high-value features
  • Modular, extensible architecture
  • Powerful built-in and custom integrations

Virtual assistants that put customer privacy first

Keep user conversations completely confidential, and protect your IP. Rasa allows you to run your assistant's operations on your own infrastructure, without sending customer messages to a hosted, third party service for processing.

Deploy on-premises or on your own private cloud

Rasa deploys on your own infrastructure, in even the strictest enterprise IT environments. Flexible architecture that lets you control access to data.

Trusted by companies in healthcare, banking, and more

Companies operating under strict regulations choose Rasa to ensure compliance and uphold privacy standards. Build HIPAA and GDPR-compliant virtual assistants.

Own your training data and models

Your training data is a valuable asset, unique to your customers and your brand. With Rasa, your data is never shared, and you have full control over your models.

Built to scale, in every sense of the word

Growth should unleash innovation, not chaos. Rasa scales horizontally to help you meet new opportunities across your business. Handle spikes in contacts and reach a growing customer base across new regions, channels, and markets.

Multi-channel customer experience

Rasa includes 10 built-in messaging channels, plus endpoints for custom channels. Engage customers across messaging platforms, powered by a single backend assistant.

High performance architecture

Make overwhelmed call centers a thing of the past. Rasa’s robust architecture scales up to meet high traffic demand, without putting pressure on human support agents.

Versatile, reusable infrastructure

Avoid reinventing the wheel with every new virtual assistant. Rasa’s technology is transferable across use cases, so you can re-use skills and apply work from previous projects to new opportunities.

Everything you need to go to market fast

Rasa helps conversational teams get to production quickly, with resources to accelerate development.

Starter packs

Rasa Starter packs are open source assistants for Financial Services, IT Helpdesk, Retail, and Insurance use cases. Free to download, customize, and extend.

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Services and support

Need hands-on guidance? Let us help. Rasa offers add-on services packages and support subscriptions to help your team go from proof of concept to production.

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Leading companies across industries use Rasa

Join a growing movement of conversational teams redefining the way customers talk to brands.

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