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A diagram showing APIs and user interface from Rasa Platform connecting to the open source Stack

Ensure the scale, performance, and complete data privacy of your AI assistants with Production Container Deployment

  • Run the Rasa Stack and Platform on-prem or in a private cloud with ready-to-deploy Docker containers and orchestration
  • Install everything with ease and scale it to your needs

Involve non-technical team members and learn from real user data with cutting-edge Integrated AI Training & Testing

  • Analyse logs of all user dialogues and help developers debug failed ones faster
  • Improve your models through suggestions for dialogues to label with active learning
  • Test the assistant yourself or let others try it in the chat interface

Ensure the best production results with Model QA

  • Train a new model, see how well it performs, and understand where it fails through an interactive confusion matrix
  • Update or rollback production models in the interface, or through the model API

Guarantee quality by version controlling your training data with Continuous Model Integration

  • Record training data in a database alongside your annotation metadata
  • Easily access the latest version of your training data via API using any machine to train or experiment
  • Integrate your backend services to push and pull data from our API

Ease your mind and benefit from our experts through our Customer Success Program

  • Resolve incidents quickly with enterprise-grade support and advice from our world-class engineering team
  • Deploy Rasa in no time with our automated installation and dedicated one-on-one support
  • Get exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming features, help shape our roadmap and get access to our latest machine learning research


"Rasa Platform allowed us to significantly reduce the engineering costs of our conversational AI projects. Being in control of our data and where Rasa is deployed is very important for us."

- Florian Nägele, Project Manager at Helvetia

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