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What can you do with Rasa X?

Rasa X gives developers and small teams a window into user behavior and tools to drive continuous improvement.

Review conversations

  • Sort and filter
  • Tag important messages
  • Get insights into user behavior

Annotate data

  • Label real user messages
  • Create new flows from real conversations
  • Fix incorrect predictions

Share & Test

  • Shareable links to test the assistant
  • Analyze performance
  • Create robust test cases

Designed to support conversation-driven development

Conversation-driven development is a set of principles for building robust, resilient assistants that adapt to customers' needs. Rasa X gives teams practical tools for applying conversation-driven development to every phase of building a virtual assistant.

Understand customer behavior

Rasa X provides tools to review and analyze conversations between customers and virtual assistants. Learn what customers want, in their own words.

Build a superior, real-world data set

Machine learning systems work best when they learn from real data. Rasa X collects real user messages and makes it easy to add them to your training data.

Integrate with DevOps workflows

Don't compromise on engineering and DevOps best practices. Rasa X connects with Git services and CI/CD for robust version control and test automation.

Ready to dive in? Download Rasa X for free

Rasa Open Source


Start with Rasa Open Source, the most popular framework for building high-performing, resilient, proprietary AI assistants.

Rasa Open Source provides the infrastructure necessary to create great AI assistants that:

  • Understand messages & create meaningful conversations
  • Employ machine learning to improve those conversations
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and channels

Rasa X


Once you've created your project structure using Rasa Open Source, you're ready to install Rasa X, import your assistant, and start taking it to the next level.

Running on top of Rasa Open Source, Rasa X strengthens & extends its features, allowing individual developers to:

  • Conduct usability testing and review conversations
  • Improve assistant based on learnings
  • Deploy new updates to users

Rasa Enterprise


Need additional power? Rasa Enterprise enables teams to develop and ship contextual AI assistants at scale.

Rasa Enterprise is an integrated platform that includes Rasa Open Source + Rasa X - plus features and services that support team collaboration and enterprise-grade deployment:

  • Analytics
  • Role-based access control
  • Multiple deployment environments
  • Single Sign-On
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Deployment and Installation Support
  • Expert Support available
Install Rasa X

Start creating your own contextual AI assistant!