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Rasa Product Recap 2022

December 28th, 2022

Rasa Wrap: Product Recap 2022

  • portrait of Lauren Goerz

    Lauren Goerz

Here at Rasa, our mission is to empower the world’s largest brands to interpret people’s needs with open and extensible conversational AI. This past year we have demonstrated our commitment to our mission by focusing our efforts to help our customers scale their enterprise conversational AI products. Here are some of our key product milestones from 2022.

Introduction of a unified platform experience

  • Introducing Rasa Pro and the Rasa Platform
    In October 2022, we launched a new product line: Rasa Pro. Rasa Pro is an open-core commercial conversational AI framework and infrastructure layer specifically built to meet enterprise needs. It is powered by Rasa Open Source so it includes all the components and services necessary to build and run your AI Assistant. New customers will now start by deploying Rasa Pro to get access to advanced observability, security, and reporting capabilities. Existing customers are encouraged to migrate to this new more robust and enterprise-grade infrastructure to run and operate their AI assistants at scale.

    With the Rasa Pro Launch, we also introduced the Rasa Platform, a solution with two product lines: Rasa Pro, our conversational AI infrastructure suite powered by Rasa Open Source, and Rasa X/Enterprise. Together, these products form one platform for the automation of conversational customer experience. You can use Rasa pro on its own, or combine our infrastructure suite with our user interface to unlock the whole platform and meet the needs of your multidisciplinary teams.

Further development of our No-Code User Interface

  • Rasa Enterprise: 1.2 Release
    In August of 2022, we released Rasa X/Enterprise 1.2, which allows multidisciplinary teams to work faster and smarter. With this release, we’ve enhanced the annotation experience to increase productivity and made improvements to our integrated version control (IVC) feature to ensure your progress is saved every time you make changes.

Continuous Improvements for the Rasa Open Source Project

  • Rasa Open Source 3.2 Release
    With our June launch of Rasa Open Source 3.2, we affirmed our commitment to the continuous development of our open source project by releasing a significant improvement to our asynchronous tracker store (what retrieves and saves conversation history) to aid system performance and enabled the TED Policy to train with GPU or CPU.

    We have released further improvements in follow-on releases. More details can be found in the release notes.

Focus on Enterprise customers and their multidisciplinary teams' needs in tuning and optimizing Rasa AI assistants

  • End of Support for the Rasa X Community Edition
    In June 2022, we announced that Rasa will not be releasing new versions of the Rasa X Community Edition, making Release 1.1 the last free version of Rasa X. This change allowed us to invest more in research and development and will enable us to drive innovation within the Rasa Platform, and place a particular focus on tooling that meets the needs of our enterprise customers and users.

Additional Improvements

  • Customer Support Program Revamp
    In 2022, we revamped our customer support program and launched a brand-new Rasa Support Portal. With our new Support Portal experience, you can create cases, get updates, and engage with Rasa engineers

  • New Release and Maintenance Policy
    We also optimized our Release and Maintenance Policy to clearly outline our End of Life policy. This policy gives a comprehensive definition of how long a given release is maintained and supported.

That’s a wrap! If there are any product updates listed above that you’d like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to connect with an expert. As always, we are forever grateful for the continued partnerships with our customers - we look forward to serving you and your own customers in the new year.