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January 27th, 2021

Join us at the Rasa Summit!

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Rasa Summit 2021 is in less than two weeks!

We're thrilled to announce the speaker list and agenda for the event. The conference spans 3 days of talks plus 2 days of pre-conference workshops, adding up to a full week of knowledge sharing and networking. We'll kick things off with workshops on Feb 8-9, following that with the complete conference on Feb 10-12.

This year, the Rasa Summit is fully online, allowing us to invite more of the community, across more time zones, than ever before. For those who can't attend the live event, we'll be making recordings available on-demand after the talks conclude. The talks include something for everyone who works in and around conversational AI, including cutting-edge NLU research, product development, and production stories.

Keep reading to get a preview of some of our featured speakers, along with how to reserve your tickets.

Drumroll please...

Here are a few of the headlining speakers you'll see at Rasa Summit 2021. You can view the full line-up and agenda at

Van Baker, Gartner

Van Baker is a Research Vice President for Gartner's Application Innovation team. At Gartner, he covers conversational platforms, virtual assistants and chatbots, as well as hosted AI development services, design thinking and user-experience development and tooling. We're excited to welcome Van to kick off our Day 1 talks, with a presentation sharing his extensive industry perspective on trends shaping the future of conversational AI in the enterprise.

William Galindez Arias, GitLab

William Galindez Arias is a Technical Marketing Manager at GitLab, where he brings together experience in conversational applications and MLOps. William's Summit talk will cover different use cases and workflows to build, test, train, re-train, deploy and monitor conversational agents to cloud native infrastructures.

Fun fact: William is a veteran speaker at the Rasa Summit. Watch his talk from the 2019 Rasa Developer Summit here.

Evgeniia Razumovskaia, Cambridge University

Evgeniia Razumovskaia is a PhD candidate studying Computation, Cognition and Language at the University of Cambridge. Evgeniia recently completed a machine learning research internship at Rasa, where she worked on the recently released end-to-end learning feature in Rasa Open Source. Be sure to catch her talk on end-to-end dialogue systems.

Heather Nolis, T-Mobile

Heather Nolis is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at T-Mobile, where she works with the AI @ T-Mobile team building conversational interfaces. In her talk, Heather shares how she went from exclusively hand-crafting models in Keras or TensorFlow to fully embracing Rasa. She shares real-world stories of building a robust customer service chatbot using Rasa and the surprise lift the data science team has found leveraging Rasa models outside of chatbot use cases.

Bonus: Hear Heather on a recent episode of the Rasa Chats podcast.

Reserve your Tickets for Rasa Summit 2021

In addition to those mentioned above, Rasa Summit 2021 features more speakers from the conversational AI community-many more than we can list here.

Tickets are on sale now at, with the option to attend just the talks or add a workshop registration. We're running workshops for all levels of experience and specialization, including: Rasa Developer Certification, the Rasa Advanced Workshop, and Rasa for Product People and Conversation Designers. Right now, you can take advantage of discounts for teams of 4 or more as well as a special 50% discount for individual tickets.

We'll be giving away exclusive swag to attendees, including our limited edition Rasa Summit 2021 t-shirt.

We're excited to virtually meet and mingle with members of the Rasa community, and come away with some new knowledge and inspiration. Hope to see you there!