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September 10th, 2019

Rasa Developer Summit - Overview

  • portrait of Alan Nichol

    Alan Nichol

We are thrilled to be hosting the second Rasa Developer Summit in just 2 weeks in San Francisco. We have more than 20 talented speakers from leading entities in conversational AI - companies, consultancies, academe, and technology providers.

Each of the presentations is unique and filled with plenty to learn, but fall roughly into one of 5 categories:

  • Practical Rasa Implementations
  • Challenges in Creating Contextual Assistants
  • Latest Research in Conversational AI
  • Community Projects & Updates
  • Updates from Rasa

In Practical Rasa Implementations, presentations will detail how companies use Rasa to meet critical business needs. Speakers include:

  • Brett Butterfield, Adobe
  • Praneeth Gubbala, Sam's Club/Walmart
  • Edouard Malet, N26

Challenges in Creating Contextual Assistants includes discussions of how to create level 3 assistants, how to operationalize Rasa, and what tooling & collaboration is needed in contextual assistants. These include two panels and numerous speakers:

  • Obaid Ahmed, Botmock
  • Vittorio Banfi, Botsociety
  • Akela Drissner, Rasa
  • Charles Franklin, Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Nathaniel Kohn, Lemonade
  • Ilker Koksal, Botanalytics
  • Lauren Kunze, Pandorabots
  • Janani Pathangi, Optum
  • Andy Vadul, USEReady
  • Alex Weidauer, Rasa
  • Dennis Yang, Dashbot

Research is essential in our industry, and in Latest Research in Conversational AI, our Summit will share some of the most relevant research available on contextual assistants, from:

  • Bing Liu, Facebook
  • Nouha Dziri, University of Alberta/Google AI
  • Varshinee Venkatesan, Sirius Computer Solutions

Community input is also essential, and so we are happy to be able to host Community Projects & Updates:

  • Nahid Alam, Ople.AI
  • Josh Converse, Dynamic Offset
  • William Galindez Arias, Octesoft
  • Caleb Keller, Samtec Smart Platform Group

Finally, we will have two speakers providing updates directly from Rasa: Tom Bocklisch, head of engineering at Rasa, will share new features and discuss work underway on our products, and Justina Petraityte, head of Dev Relations, will outline our community building efforts.

We'll end the day with cocktails and food, leaving plenty of time to network with speakers, Rasa staff, and your fellow Rasa community members.

So please join us! The Rasa Developer Summit is a once-a-year opportunity to learn from the Rasa community, and we hope to see you there.