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October 1st, 2020

Rasa Education and Certification

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Whether you're just getting started building assistants or use Rasa daily, attending a training session can help you build skills faster than reading documentation and figuring things out on your own. This year, the Rasa team has introduced classes for every level of Rasa learner, from beginner to advanced. We've also introduced a Rasa Certification, to demonstrate mastery in building assistants with Rasa.

In this post, we'll walk you through all of our new education options, to help you find the training that'll get you to the next level.

Rasa Certification Workshop

The Rasa Certification workshop is available on demand via Udemy, so no matter where in the world you are located, you can learn on your own time and at your own pace. You'll have the opportunity to take a final exam, and participants with a passing score get a digital Rasa Certification.

The Rasa Certification Workshop is leveled for developers who have built an assistant with Rasa previously, or who feel ready to ramp up quickly. The workshop is based around the Financial Demo starter pack, a banking chatbot that helps users check their spending history, transfer money, and pay their credit card bill. The lectures cover NLU and dialogue management with Rasa Open Source, forms and custom actions, connecting the Telegram messaging channel, and the fundamentals of conversation-driven development. It's a well-rounded survey of the skills you need to call yourself a "Rasa developer."

Before you enroll in the Rasa Certification Workshop, we recommend that you have experience building a simple project or two with Rasa. If you're picking up Rasa for the first time, we've recently released a beginners course to prepare you for the certification course.

Rasa Certification Exam

If you've been working with Rasa for quite awhile, you might want to skip straight to getting certified, without the 7 hours of classroom time offered through the Certification Workshop. For experienced developers looking for a faster way to get certified, we've created the self-directed Rasa Certification Exam.

The certification offered through the self-directed Certification Exam and the Certification Workshop are the same-so how are the two options different?

  • The self-directed Certification Exam consists of 60 questions, administered online. We provide a study guide to help you prep for the exam.
  • The Certification Workshop consists of 7 hours of lectures and activities, followed by a 30 question exam.

TL;DR: if you're an experienced Rasa developer looking for the fastest route to certification, we recommend the self-directed Certification Exam. If you want to brush up on your skills before getting certified, we recommend the Rasa Certification Workshop.

Rasa for Beginners

Rasa for Beginners is a free 2-hour workshop, also available on Udemy. It's a friendly place to start if you're new to the world of building AI assistants. The course covers essential concepts, like the basics of NLU, and you'll also build a project: a chatbot that conducts a health survey by text message and logs the results to a spreadsheet. You'll start with moodbot, the simplest Rasa starter project, and extend it with training data, forms, and custom actions. After each lecture, you can take a short quiz to test your understanding.

If Rasa for Beginners is the beginning of the journey, what can you look forward to as you grow your skills? We're also introducing three new courses for Rasa experts looking for their next challenge.

Advanced Workshops

The Advanced Workshops are specialized, expert-level trainings in NLU, custom actions, and deployment. Each workshop includes a certification for participants who complete an exam and capstone project.

We split the advanced-level material into separate workshops because we've found that many teams building AI assistants tend to specialize among team roles: a data scientist concerned with tuning hyperparameters might not need to deeply understand Kubernetes, while a software engineer building backend integrations might not need to get into the finer points of the machine learning model. You can pick and choose which advanced workshops are the most relevant to you, or you can complete all three if you like.

Choose from:

Advanced Deployment

Geared toward DevOps engineers and developers, this workshop walks through the process of deploying the Rasa stack on Kubernetes and setting up a CI/CD workflow. The Advanced Deployment workshop is available on Udemy.

Advanced Custom Actions

Hands-on workshop for software engineers that covers how to integrate a Rasa assistant with complex backend systems.

Advanced NLU [Coming soon]

Deep dive workshop for data scientists and machine learning engineers that explores how to get the most out of the Rasa stack by tuning hyperparameters and customizing the NLU pipeline.

Find registration information for Advanced workshops here.


We want to support every developer on their journey with conversational AI, and we created the Rasa Certification to recognize the time and hard work you invest to deeply understand the framework. We're committed to helping the community get certified and beyond, by offering a variety of courses for beginners all the way to experts.

Sign up, test your skills, and let us know what you think. We're always looking for new ideas to make our training better, and teach the skills that matter to you.

And if you've already gotten certified, congrats! Stay connected with other graduates in our dedicated forum group, and share your new credentials on LinkedIn-you've earned it!