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September 3rd, 2020

The CDD Playbook: Strategies for Conversation-Driven Development

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    Karen White

We're excited to announce the CDD Playbook, a resource for teams who want to build user-centered, resilient AI assistants. You can get the CDD Playbook on our website, where it's available both in-line and as a downloadable PDF.

What's inside

Conversation-driven development is a hot topic. We've talked about it here, we've seen the community put their spin on it, and we've even devised an experiment to put it to the test. But we often hear that teams want concrete steps they can take to start building assistants using conversation-driven development-and guidance on where to go next.

The CDD Playbook contains five team activities that align with the processes that make up CDD. It starts with a self-guided assessment to help teams benchmark their current practices, then goes through conducting a usability test (Share), reviewing and annotating conversations (Review and Annotate), setting up a development workflow (Fix and Test), and finally, identifying the metrics that matter (Track). Along the way, you'll find discussion questions to help your team explore ways to bring user feedback and engineering best practices into your daily habits.

Guided team activities to help you put CDD into action

Get Your Copy

Download the playbook, try it out, tell us what you think! Continue the discussion in our Conversation-Driven Development group on LinkedIn.