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January 3rd, 2024

Unlocking Business Value through Conversational AI with Language Models

  • portrait of Soufiane Houri

    Soufiane Houri

Executive Summary

Conversational AI with Language Models (CALM) is a major innovation developed at Rasa that combines the flexibility, nuanced understanding, and fast time-to-value of Large Language Models (LLMs) with the control and certainty of traditional (NLU-based) chatbots.

  • Building great assistants with CALM requires up to 90% less work than a traditional chatbot. For the experts, you will be happy to know that intent classification and entity extraction are no longer necessary in this new CALM paradigm.
  • Assistants built with CALM understand nuance and handle digressions out of the box. They are much smarter and provide a much better experience for the end user. We use the power of LLMs for Natural Language Understanding and don’t require builders to account for every possible conversation turn.
  • CALM reaps the benefits of LLMs without the downsides such as hallucinations, allowing enterprises to put next-generation assistants in production today. We have harnessed the Generative powers of LLMs while ensuring the fidelity and predictability that are expected in enterprise or high-stakes environments.

Enterprises need a game-changing technology in the conversational AI landscape because:

  • Most organizations are not happy with their current chatbot performance
  • Demand for personalized customer experiences is growing
  • Customer service quality is the differentiating factor for end-customer-focused industries
  • ChatGPT’s adoption changed customer expectations on all of the above

Enhancing those processes with generative AI appears to be a promising solution for customer-facing processes like the sophisticated results ChatGPT delivers through personal use. However, integrating this technology into an enterprise production environment presents significant challenges and carries many potential risks that could be too substantial.

Using LLMs to generate content offers value, but more is needed for all use cases, especially external customer-facing processes. We aim to transfer the natural flow of customer-oriented conversations to automated interactions without the usual extensive design effort and the risk of sharing inaccurate information or having open-ended conversations that deviate from your business interest.

With Rasa, you’ll get the generative AI experience for your assistants and retain all the controls and guarantees you need in an enterprise context.

Experience Generative AI risk-free.

Generative AI experience for optimum customer satisfaction

CALM assistants intuitively understand language without the use of intents. This means building, managing, and maintaining a complex NLU system to route user queries is no longer necessary. Rasa allows enterprises to direct the flow of the conversation more naturally, instead of forcing them into a robotic-sounding conversation. It provides contextual responses and out-of-the-box handling of conversations even when users journey away from the planned path, experience frustration, or say something unexpected.

Enhance conversational experience for higher resolution rates

Rasa elevates the natural flow of conversations by comprehensively considering user context in every interaction. You can, optionally, program this advanced capability to rephrase templated responses to sound more fluid in context. Such enhancements improve customer service and significantly increase the probability of resolving the customer request.

Guardrails for predictable outcomes and risk-free AI usage

Rasa seamlessly integrates with large language models, ensuring business processes are executed with precision. It confines responses to predefined templates, guaranteeing your AI assistant remains accurate and free from hallucinations. CALM only delivers rephrased and generated responses to the user on demand (if the response rephraser is turned on).

Reduce cost and faster time to production

Cut your development cost in half and collaborate effectively on our extensible, cutting-edge, Generative Conversational AI platform. The Rasa platform blends pro-code and no-code assistant building and maintenance for maximum ease of use and faster time to production.

It is time to kick-start your generative AI strategy with Rasa and leverage the full potential of LLMs for your business.

Contact us today to see how CALM can elevate customer engagement and streamline operations.